A Clockwork Orrery has been formed by a group of friends with the aim of promoting the wide range of cultural events happening in Derby right now.

Featuring reviews, previews and interviews, A Clockwork Orrery is run by a group of Derby enthusiasts who spend most of our social hours watching, listening and reading stuff together in the city and then sharing our thoughts.

Living and working in Derby, we often hear about the industrial heritage of the city, its commercial successes and the opportunities that exist here for employment and economic growth. We love this.

We also love the resurgence of the arts in the city over the last few years and want to bang some drums loudly about it so others might hear. A Clockwork Orrery is our forum for sharing our views and suggestions in the hope that more will come and consume some Derby culture… because it’s tasty.

With such easy access to Leicester and Nottingham, we will also occasionally review productions outside of Derby and hope that we will likewise help attract ‘out-of-towners’ into the city.

If you’d like to contribute or let us know of anything happening that we may have missed, contact us and we’ll be right on it.

Illustration by Mair Perkins Ltd